Housing Service Center (Fallon)

The NAS Fallon Housing Service Center's (HSC) mission is to provide housing support for all families and unaccompanied personnel moving to or departing the Fallon area. Our goal is to help service members, both unaccompanied or those with families, locate suitable, affordable and safe housing. The HSC has dedicated and trained professionals with extensive knowledge and experience prepared to assist members with all housing needs. 

If you are leaving the area we can help you with departure services to put you in contact with your new duty station and the information that will help you settle quickly at your next PCS location.


The HSC is located on Naval Air Station Fallon. Enter NAS Fallon via the Main Gate. Continue straight past the Admin Bldg. On the right side of the street, across from the Navy Federal Credit Union, is Bldg 309 and the NAS Fallon Welcome Center.

Arrival Services

  • Housing Needs Assessment
  • Temporary Housing Information
  • Personalized Home, Condo and Apartment Finding Assistance
  • Provide Rental Listings
  • Roommate Finding
  • Verifying Eligibility and Processing Applications for Public-Private Venture (PPV) Military Housing
  • Maintaining PPV Military Housing Wait List
  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Housing Check-in
  • Lease Agreement Review and Counseling
  • Maps and Directions of Local Area

Departure Services

  • Providing information on PPV and community housing at your new duty station
  • Processing and faxing PPV housing application packages to your new duty station

Additional Services

  • Tenant/Landlord dispute resolution
  • Property Management Counseling
  • Telephones, photocopy and fax machines are available without charge

Home Buying & Selling

Buying a home is one of the most complicated and expensive purchases you will ever make. Getting the best deal on the purchase can reduce the life of the loan costs by thousands of dollars. The Fleet & Family Service Center provides quarterly classes on the home buying process. For more info please call Fleet & Family Support at 775-426-3333.

The Housing Service Center’s trained professionals can help you choose the right housing to meet your needs, whether in Military Family or Unaccompanied Housing or in one of Fallon’s unique neighborhoods. The Housing Service Center (HSC) maintains a current database of available off-base community rental properties for homes, apartments and townhomes. Rental properties listed with the HSC are inspected for suitability by our housing referral professionals.


HOMES.mil is a new official Department of Defense (DoD) website, dedicated to helping Service members, Families, and DOD civilians find housing.

Housing Early Application Tool (HEAT)

Housing Early Application ToolNavy Housing has developed HEAT to assist service members (SVMs) and their families in applying for housing Navywide. HEAT allows SVMs and their families to get the housing application process started at one or more Navy installations online before or after they receive their Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. HEAT is available to any SVM at all Navy installations. HEAT creates an easy user experience to connect with your destination. Spouses can use the application as well, needing only minimal information about their SVM. One of our housing referral professionals will be in touch within 2 business days.

Property Managers and Owners

To list your rental property or update your current listing with the Navy Housing Referral program,  complete the Property Manager Listing Form and email it back to us at Fallon_Housing@navy.mil to get the listing process started.

We are here to Help

Once you find your new home in the community, the HSC is here to help you. We can review your lease, provide home buying counseling and assist with resolving issues between landlords and tenants.

Unaccompanied Personnel

All Unaccompanied Personnel contemplating living off base should make the Housing Service Center (HSC) their first stop. The HSC is ready to help all Unaccompanied Personnel that are authorized to receive BAH to find a home out in town. We maintain affordable listings for single personnel and also offer help with finding a roommate. We will also help you review a lease and in some cases we can offer favorable rents and security deposit agreements. We also can provide support to mediate disputes with landlords or roommates if needed.

Local apartments in the area are generally available, affordable and convenient to the installation. One of the best ways to increase affordability is to share an apartment or house. Our HSC staff can help with tips on how to make your house sharing experience a pleasant one. If you are interested in purchasing property, the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) provides information and classes on home buying.


The web sites listed below offer additional services that facilitate the search process in the Fallon area.

  • ahrn.com
  • www.c21gvr.com
  • www.rognerealty.com
  • www.chaffinrealestate.com
  • www.fernleynvhomes.com
  • www.hotpads.com
  • www.rentals.com
  • www.llrealty.biz
  • www.mcmrealty.com
  • www.nvsrealestateplace.com
  • www.wallacerealtycorp.com

This does not express or imply the endorsement of the sites listed above or its products by the Navy or any other part of the Federal Government.


The Housing Service Center (HSC) has dedicated and trained professionals prepared to help you with all of your housing needs. They will help you find the right permanent housing accommodations at your time of arrival to Naval Air Station Fallon as well as to help you start your search for that new home at the time of departure from Naval Air Station Fallon.

Housing for Families

  • Privatized Family Housing: At Naval Air Station Fallon we have partnered with Lincoln Military Housing to offer you and your family outstanding housing choices. Contact the Fallon Housing Service Center (HSC) for more information. For additional contact information, floor plans, pet policies, full resident guidelines, and other neighborhood specific information regarding PPV housing, please visit our PPV partner’s website.
  • Application Process: Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, United States Coast Guard and National Guard members are eligible. To apply for privatized family housing you will need to submit an application. You must check into the Housing Services Center within 30 days of arrival to secure full local move benefits. Application may be made in person or submitted by mail, fax or email. Those not submitted in person must be confirmed within 30 days of reporting. Contact the NAS Fallon Housing Service Center for additional information.

Temporary Housing/Lodging

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